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The Ecology and Civil Engineering Society (ECES) founded in 1997 to advance the inter-discipline science(s) across ecology and civil engineering.
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The Ecology and Civil Engineering Society was established in 1997 to develop a multidisciplinary approach to an ecologically sustainable future by concerned ecologists and civil engineers in Japan. In particular, the Society aims to promote scientific means by which to achieve ecoexistence of humanity and naturef, econservation of biodiversityf and emaintenance of healthy ecosystemsf.

With economic stability and high living standards, the Japanese people now recognise that environmental conservation is indispensable for the health and wealth of people. The government has introduced the Environment Impact Assessment Law to ensure that any major engineering work in future will not adversely impact the environment. The River Law has been revised also to give due consideration to the natural environment of the river basins in Japan.

Science has lagged behind. The effects of civil engineering works on natural ecosystems have not been understood properly, and there are few examples of attempts to consider ecosystem functions in construction work. As yet, no established method exists for assessing the impact of such works on the environment. There is an urgent need to gain ecological understanding of the environment under threat, to provide a scientific basis for the conservation measures to be undertaken and to evaluate heritage and service values of the ecosystems to be affected by the development. In all of these endeavours harmony with nature is paramount and ecological sustainability must be considered.

The Ecology and Civil Engineering Society will explore ways of bringing together expertise of relevant disciplines with an aim of establishing a system of theory, knowledge and technology to be used in developing an ecologically sustainable future.

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