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The Ecology and Civil Engineering Society (ECES) founded in 1997 to advance the inter-discipline science(s) across ecology and civil engineering.
Membership is open to anyone.


Now, only less than one year from the founding of ECES, more than 1,200 persons and 53 companies and organizations participate the society.
Up to present, we hold 2-3 seminars or workshops on ecology, conservation biology and river hydraulics for members every year.
We also held several open lectures on ecology and conservation biology.
We publish 2 issues of the journal either in Japanese; "Ecology and Civil Engineering" and more than 4 issues of newsletters (in Japanese).
The annual meeting was held in September or October every year.


Six committees promote some activities of ECES.
1) Committee to promote popularization of ECES
2) Committee to promote inter-discipline and international activity of ECES
3) Committee to information service concerning with ECES
4) Committee to planning the annual meeting of ECES
5) Committee to promoting partnership between citizens and ECES
6) Committee to formulate plans of ECES fs future


The annual fee for an individual

  • Regular member : Japanese Yen 6,000.
  • Student member : Japanese Yen 2,000.

The annual fee for a group

  • Supporting member (Companies) : Japanese Yen 100,000 per share
  • Subscribing member: Japanese Yen 10,000.

Members are entitled to receive journals gEcology and Civil Engineeringh (in Japanese with English summary, two issues per year), 3-4 issues of newsletter per year and to join seminars, workshops and annual meetings.


To join the ECES, please print and fill out the Membership Application Form and send it to secretariat by e-mail or FAX.

  • Membership Application Form ( MS-Word , PDF )
  • Payment Information Form (for Credit Card Payment) ( MS-Word , PDF )

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